• Richard

    Driven by an unwavering passion for film production, I founded Films.Solutions: a service production company that specializes in film, documentary, and television series production, based in Quebec, Canada. Local and international directors, producers, and broadcasters rely on my experience and the expertise of my production network to navigate the technical and logistical challenges they face, allowing them to focus on their creative vision and aspirations. As a creator who employs other creatives and technicians, I have honed my skills in managing productions, taking great care to support my technical team while staying within budget and on schedule. Through the successful completion of my own film and television projects, I have had the opportunity to advance the visions of other passionate creatives as well. As a cinematographer, I am driven by my desire to explore the world and connect with fascinating people who do simple, innovative, or extraordinary things. My aim is to capture the light and subtle moments that take our breath away and to present unique stories through various film productions.

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