The Research Department

Film and documentary research department

TV series, cinema, investigation, documentary and more.

With more than 25 years of experience, our team of researchers knows the tricks of not wasting time. Each of his researches enhances the following. As a business issue, the team delves deeply into all types of themes in a variety of genres – documentary, television, cinema, advertising, etc. – the team also relies on the strength of the Films.Solutions network and all its members . We polish your subject and finds the rare pearl to speak about it.

The First Idea

Our research team is doing a review and gathering facts. Possessing an impressive database, we prepare an in-depth and relevant file that proposes a new lighting, a new angle.

The Research

The research team quickly proceeds to the collection and selection of new information depending on the angle chosen. She develops a detailed research and produces a report.

Find Resources

With an impressive list of contacts and resources, the team questions qualified and eloquent speakers. In pre-interview, we identify the best and prepare targeted questions for filming.


The research team can find original filming locations according to the seasons, prepare effective filming schedules. The verification of the rights and the negotiation of the fees does not have any secret for us. We can also accompany the key people on the set and do shadow report interviews

Development and Creation

With a wealth of ideas, the research team is on the lookout for trends. As a result, It can offer unexplored topics, innovative themes; participate in the concept of the report, the series, the documentary. Perform an oral or written, creative pitch..

The main difference between a good documentary and a great one comes down to the quality of the research

Whether you are an international broadcaster or an independent producer, we believe that innovation is the key to success, both for what you create and for the way you develop your productions and ideas.

Therefore, This is why we continue to develop better solutions to help you meet the current and future needs of today’s productions.


In addition, when you have an idea and wonder where to find the best subject, the best person to interview, or the location of a particular event. Our research team can help you complete your story. Whether it’s a film, documentary or TV show, we know how to find the answers to your questions.



25 years of varied expertise (series, cinema, reporting, journalism, investigations, public affairs, documentaries, and so much more). In-depth research on all types of themes; we review and gather all the facts. We provide in-depth dossiers offering new insights, perhaps even a new angle to explore. Collection and selection of new information depending on the angle chosen. As a result, we have an extensive database of qualified speakers and our networking all help in providing us with the elusive bird. We conduct pre-interviews, and we draft in-depth and innovative research reports. We prepare targeted questions for filming, with professionalism and interpersonal skills in order to support the speakers.


A profession and a passion; our research team knows the tricks to save time. We never start from scratch. Each project improves our research process in the following ways: resistance to stress and pressure; adaptation to the unexpected and the ability to rebound; speed and efficiency that guarantee you a memorable experience; and informed choices and competence in decision-making for the shortest path to an optimal result. So, with their talent for persuasion, and a human approach, our team knows how to open doors.


Each production, documentary or research trip has enriched our database of subjects and contacts, establishing links with the best resources in the field. From coast to coast, our knowledge and understanding of regional practices and our country’s distinctiveness have made our team very discerning. We have great knowledge of the territory and its code of ethics, and the skill to circumvent any arising difficulties with proven techniques.

All Films.Solutions’ departments are constantly exchanging information. Effective communication is our strength as a group. Our team also takes full advantage of Films.Solutions’ network and all its members and its professional relationships. In addition, regular debriefing meetings, both in preproduction and during shooting, make the machine run smoothly.

We excel at planning; creating calendars, diaries, filming schedules and even team trips for optimized outcomes. We can, whenever necessary, negotiate fees and handle contract signing. Our team can do more in less time, saving you money and energy.


Convincing arguments, fluent use of the country’s two official languages. Always looking for new trends and developments, our team can propose unexplored subjects, innovative themes as well as participate in the conceptualization of reporting, series and documentaries. We can, on request, create a written or oral pitch for a stronger impact.