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Drone Department

Our team of filmmakers and drone operators are at your disposal for your film, documentary and television series projects across Canada. In addition, Our operators are first and foremost cameramen and cinematographers before being drone operators, so our vision of the image is mainly dictated by aesthetic concerns rather than just technical ones. Drone Department montreal and much more


The Audience are in need of spectacular shoot and  filmmakers are no longer limited in the techniques and technologies of the past; they are constantly looking for new ways to tell a story. In addition, we develop a range of solutions so that you can surprise your audience. During the filming process, we work in close collaboration with the director and the director of photography to offer perfect images for their productions. Our experience in production, Drones operation, offers us a unique perspective on the subjects to be filmed; this expertise is reflected in filming proposals that we bring. With an artistic sense and technical capabilities in drone operation, makes our crew an exceptional addition to your production.


Your imagination is only limited by the ability to produce the desired result. Therefore, our Film Production Solutions have been created according to your needs and expectations. The cinematography department is at the heart of these solutions and our cinematography solutions make room for style, colour and emotion as well as choosing the right camera for your productions
Our drone operations comply with Transport Canada Regulations, and all our pilots and flight crew members are certified.

UAV services offer a wide range of possibilities for the film and commercial industries. Let our team be your eyes in the sky.

Aeronautical companies may charge a production of $ 10,000 to $ 25,000 per day to a helicopter and its crew. Shooting from a helicopter also takes longer. As passengers on board are riskier, you have to wait in good weather, As opposed to drones who can be safely flown from the ground, even with smaller windows of opportunity. As a result, aerial and wide landscape images are easier with drones, which can take filmmakers to previously impossible heights and angles.
We have a strong reputation for providing high-quality production services.

The Research Department

Film and documentary research department TV series, cinema, investigation, documentary and more. With more than 25 years of experience, our team of researchers knows the tricks of not wasting time. Each of his researches enhances the following. As a business

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The Sound Department

Sound Recordists and Sound Mixers SOUND DEPARTMENT CANADA Our sound recordists, sound mixers and sound engineers is there to optimize the sound experience and ensure the quality of your project. The members of our team are trained and equipped for

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The Cinematography Department

THE CINEMATOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT Cinematographers and directors of photography for films, television series and documentaries. Whether you decide to work with our director of photography or come with your own, our goal at Films.Solutions is to provide you with the perfect

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