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The Film Industry in Ontario: A Resource and Opportunity Overview

The Benefits of Filming in Ontario: From Toronto to the Great Lakes

Ontario’s Diverse Filming Locations and Production Support Services

Geographically well located

Ontario is conveniently located between the United States and Europe, making it easy for filmmakers to access the region. It is also home to major airports and transportation hubs, which makes it easy for filmmakers to travel to and from the province.

Diverse locations

Ontario offers a wide range of locations for filming, from urban landscapes and modern cities to rural areas and natural landscapes. This diversity allows filmmakers to capture a variety of settings and moods, making it a great place for a variety of film projects.

Vibrant arts and culture scene

Ontario has a vibrant arts and culture scene, which can provide inspiration and resources for filmmakers. The province is home to a number of film festivals, including the Toronto International Film Festival, and has a rich history of film production.

Cultural diversity

Ontario is home to a diverse population with a range of cultural backgrounds and perspectives. This diversity can add depth and authenticity to film projects and help filmmakers tell unique and engaging stories.

Quality production facilities

Ontario is home to a number of top-quality production facilities, including studios, sound stages, and post-production houses. This allows filmmakers to access the resources they need to produce high-quality films.

Favourable exchange rate

The exchange rate between the Canadian dollar and other major currencies is often favourable, making shooting in Ontario and Canada generally more cost-effective.

discover some of the work we did

Those are a small glimpse of the film and documentary work we have done, showcasing our professionalism, fun production and years of experiences doing what we love. We are dedicated to capturing unique perspectives and telling compelling stories through our work, and we’re excited to continue this journey in the future.

Ontario as a Filming Destination: Tips and Tricks

Ontario's Diverse Filming Locations and Production Support Services


Research and plan ahead

Ontario is a large and diverse province, with a variety of locations and resources available for filming. We are very aware of the importance of researching the specific locations and resources you need for your production, and planning ahead to ensure you have everything you need.


Follow local regulations and guidelines

Filming in Ontario requires following certain regulations and guidelines, such as obtaining permits and respecting the rights of private property owners. At Films.Solutions, we are well aware of these requirements and adhere to them scrupulously.


Wa have Build relationships with local crew and vendors

Ontario has a vibrant film industry, rich in talent and resources. Over the years, we've built relationships with local crew members and rental centers so that we can not only contribute to the success of your production, but also help support the local industry.


Respect the community

Filming can have an impact on the local community, so it's important to respect and address needs and concerns. We are here to help you communicate with local residents and business owners to ensure that your production is a positive experience for everyone involved.

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