Bye Bye Switzerland

The series "Bye Bye Switzerland" is a flagship program at Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS). The program is produced in-house by the French-speaking documentary department of RTS and is based on a concept originally developed by the documentary department of the German-speaking division of RTS.
Films.Solutions Case Study - Bye Bye Switzerland

Filmed in Quebec and Yukon

Broadcaster's requests

The series “Bye Bye Switzerland” is a flagship program at Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) and was a true test of our team’s production capabilities. The program, produced in-house by the French-speaking documentary department of RTS, is based on a concept originally developed by the documentary department of the German-speaking division of RTS. The request from RTS was to provide a documentary cinematographer to follow a television journalist across Canada to report on the adventures of two Swiss citizens who wanted to immigrate to Canada.

The challenge of this project was immense, as we were tasked with providing all the technical equipment as well as the means of transportation, while navigating the great distances of the Canadian territory, dealing with the unpredictable climate, and capturing footage in varied and difficult shooting locations. We traveled and shot from Montreal to the Quebec Lower North Shore region, from the Lower North Shore to the Laurentians and to Western Canada, following the participants and their 2 dogs from Northern British Columbia to Dawson City, Yukon, a region that we particularly enjoyed.

The reward of this project was the opportunity to discover these fantastic regions from the perspective of the immigrants and the positive response from the viewers. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the show for its unique and authentic portrayal of the immigrant experience. Despite the challenges we faced, the final result was a truly captivating and well-produced series that left a lasting impression on audiences.

Our Solutions

When it came to the technical aspect of the “Bye Bye Switzerland” series, our team at was ready to face the challenges that shooting in Canada presented. As the series followed a television journalist and two Swiss citizens immigrating to Canada, we knew that the shoot would take us across vast distances and to remote locations.

To ensure that we were prepared for any technical difficulties that may arise, we provided all the necessary equipment, including an additional camera and additional capsules for our wireless microphones. We also provided insurance and production vehicles to ensure that the team was safe and able to move around efficiently.

One of the main challenges of an international collaboration like this is ensuring that the shooting formats are compatible. To ensure that the RTS editing team was reassured, we conducted several camera tests and presented our shooting protocols. We also sent them the rushes after our camera tests, which validated the compatibility of formats and the efficiency of our protocols. This helped us establish an excellent working relationship with the RTS team.

In addition, we also had to take into account the weather conditions that we might face, especially in remote areas. As we had already shot in the Yukon during the Yukon Quest a few years earlier, we were able to advise the show’s production department on possible difficulties and propose solutions adapted to the weather conditions.

Overall, our technical team was able to push the limits to capture stunning footage and tell the story of these immigrants’ journey in Canada, while also keeping safety as a top priority. The response from the viewers was overwhelmingly positive, and it was a rewarding experience to be able to showcase these beautiful regions through the eyes of these immigrants.

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Richard rendered a first-class service that has been highly reviewed by the film critics from around the world. His work and artistry made this production a multiple award winning piece! Richard Duquette is a world class cinematographer and we highly recommend his work.
Anne-Lise Von Bergen
Journalist and Project Director
On my side everything is perfect. The format, the encapsulation, the frame rate, the audio distribution... Everything perfect. If it's ok for you to work like that on the next shootings, for us, it's sold. Really, thanks a lot for your reactivity and your concern to find the right solutions. If I can help you in any way, don't hesitate. It's a pleasure to work in these conditions.
Guillaume Fialip
Montage et Post-Production


  • Journaliste et Directrice du Projet Anne-Lise Von Bergen
  • Directeur Photo – Richard Duquette
  • Post-Prod: Guillaume Fialip
  • Participants : Aline Muller, Frederick Muller

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