At Films.Solutions, we believe that every film production should be a collaboration between the filmmaker and the production team, and we strive to achieve that with every project we work on.

Sweeping Forward

Damaged souls living in a battered womens' shelter discover healing and sisterhood when they are introduced to the sport of Curling. Winner of "Most Popular Canadian Feature Film" at The Montreal World Film Festival

Days were counted; two days to do all of the reshoots required to finish the film and with a limited budget.

Sweeping Forward

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We also provided a wide range of rental equipment, including cameras and production equipment, to ensure a smooth and efficient shoot for the entire production team.

A film by  filmmaker Patricia MacDowell
Written by Patricia MacDowell
Produced by Breakfast Films

Cinematography Reshoot: Richard Duquette
Editing: Robert E. Newton
Actors: Anne-Marie Saheb, Lydia Bouchard, Trevor Botkin, Mélanie Elliott, Annabella Hart

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