Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the crime film that recreates a real-life event with these exclusive photos

The fugitive

Based on true events. He thought he could hide and run away.

The Fugitive

Based on true events. He thought he could hide and run away.

The setting for the short film was a small house in the countryside, chosen for its secluded location and potential for a tense and dramatic standoff. The location was scouted and secured in advance by the production team, with special attention paid to ensuring that it was safe for the cast and crew to work in.

The day of filming began early, with the cast and crew arriving on set to begin rehearsals and set up. The director, Stephan Parent, had a clear vision for the film and worked closely with the Director of Photography, Richard Duquette, and the drone operator to ensure that each shot was executed to perfection.

The film focuses on the story of a criminal, played by the talented actor Sylvano Harvey, who has been on the run for some time and is finally located by a swat team. The swat team is composed of 20 men, 2 big armored trucks, and a dog squad, all of which were provided by, along with the tactical gear used by the extra comedian who was disguised as a swat officer.

As the day progressed, the tension on set was palpable as the cast and crew worked to bring the film’s dramatic climax to life. Each scene was rehearsed multiple times, with the director and actors fine-tuning their performances to ensure that the final product was as believable and impactful as possible.

Overall, the setting, the equipment, the team and the talented actors like Sylvano Harvey all contributed to the success of this short film. The end result is a gripping, intense and well-executed film that is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences.

Discover the hard work and dedication that goes into creating a crime film with these behind-the-scenes photos

Photos of the shoot

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