Candy Lawrence

Candy Lawrence

Candy's Dream, but how far will she go in order to succeed?

Candy Laurence” is a comedy short film directed by Olivier Jean. The film tells the story of a single mother, Candy (played by actress Rachel Michetti), who has a big dream of becoming a popular singer. Despite having a hit on youtube, she is unaware that it was because the song was bad. Nevertheless, she fights to make a name for herself and goes to great lengths to gain publicity, even performing in a dingy bar where a geisha drag queen is also performing.

As the film progresses, Candy faces numerous setbacks and financial difficulties, but she doesn’t give up on her dream. Despite her struggles, she continues to persevere in her quest for fame. The film is shot in Montreal over several days by the talented team at Films.Solutions.

The Director of Photography, Richard Duquette, captures the mother’s journey with great skill and sensitivity, bringing the audience into the world of the characters.

The film is not only a comedy but also a satire of the music industry, poking fun at the lengths people will go to in order to become famous, regardless of their talent. The scenes of Candy performing in a dingy bar or trying to make a viral video are not only funny but also a commentary on the absurdity of the industry. The performances of the actors are also noteworthy, as they bring a great comedic timing to the story. Rachel Michetti, as the mother, delivers a relatable and comical portrayal of a single mother trying to make it in the industry, while Zoélie Lampron-Fournier, who plays the daughter, brings a great dynamic to the story with her portrayal of a teenager trying to support her mother’s dream.

As the film reaches its climax, Candy has a revelation, she comes to understand that true success is not about fame and fortune, but about staying true to oneself and making music that is true to one’s heart.

The film ends on a high note, with a final performance that will have the audience laughing. “Candy Laurence” is a clever, witty, and entertaining comedy that is sure to leave audiences in good spirits.

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