FAY Archive in Eastern Canada

Embark on a cinematic journey with Films.Solutions through the magnificent landscapes of Eastern Quebec, Labrador and Newfoundland, capturing the beauty of Canada's great outdoors and the people who live there, all through our lenses for Fay.

Navigating Through the Majestic Terrains of Eastern Québec, Labrador and Newfoundland For Fay Archives

Embark on a cinematic journey with Films.Solutions through the magnificent landscapes of Eastern Quebec, Labrador and Newfoundland, capturing the beauty of Canada’s great outdoors and the people who live there, all through our lenses for Fay.

Last summer, the Films.Solutions team had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Fay, a clothing brand synonymous with classic and contemporary fashion. Our mission was to support the Fay team and film 5 video vignettes for the brand, set against the backdrop of Canada’s great landscapes, translating the spirit of the Fay collection through a series of videos filmed in the heart of Eastern Quebec and Labrador.

Over two exhilarating weeks, our team ventured into the great forests and iron mines of Quebec and Labrador, as well as the coasts of Labrador and Newfoundland, ensuring that the spirit of the Fay collection was beautifully reflected in Canada’s splendid landscapes.

Episode Insights:

  1. The Miner from Labrador City: Our journey began in Labrador City, where we immersed ourselves in the life of a woman working in a mine, exploring themes of strength, resilience and the juxtaposition of a Fashion Coat collection against the rugged backdrop of the mine

  2. Inuk Artist in Goose Bay: Next, we headed to Goose Bay, where we filmed the creative process of an Inuk artist, interweaving his artistic journey with coats from Fay’s collection, showcasing a blend of tradition, culture and modern fashion.

  3. Brotherhood Near Blanc Sablon: Near the village of Blanc Sablon on Quebec’s North Shore, we documented the lives of two brothers, exploring the themes of Family, Survival and the serene yet hostile natural environment they encounter on a daily basis

  4. Sustainable Seaweed Developer in Avalon: Crossing over to the island of Newfoundland, we met a man north of the Avalon Peninsula, who is developing seaweed-based products, weaving a tale of innovation, sustainability and the harmonious balance between man and nature

  5. Wildlife Cinematographer in Avalon: For our final episode, we head south to the Avalon Peninsula, where we join Luka, a wildlife filmmaker, to capture the spectacular images of gannets in a provincial park, symbolizing freedom, exploration and the breathtaking beauty of nature

Films.Solutions, like a film industry commando team, provided comprehensive logistical support throughout the filming process. Our offer ranges from in-depth research into the subjects being filmed, to providing vehicles and ensuring that all aspects of the shoot run smoothly. Undeterred by challenges and geographical constraints, our team has ensured that each story is told with authenticity, respect and visual appeal in keeping with Fay’s aesthetic.

Join us as we go behind the scenes, share stories and explore the captivating images of our expedition to Eastern Quebec, Labrador and Newfoundland. Immerse yourself in the visual spectacle where Italian fashion meets nature, and explore the synergy between the beauty and durability of Fay’s clothing and the great Canadian outdoors, all documented through the expert lenses of Films.Solutions.

Stay tuned for a visual journey of style, adventure and cinematic excellence, only from Films.Solutions.

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