Crafting ‘GOLD’ with Idris Elba

"Gold: A Journey with Idris Elba," narrated by the charismatic Idris Elba, embarks on a global journey, exploring the multifaceted world of gold mining and its profound impacts. From the depths of LaRonde mine in Canada to various locations worldwide, the documentary unveils the intricate processes, challenges, and stories enveloped in the pursuit of gold. It's a tale where technology, humanity, and ethics intertwine, revealing the unseen facets of a glittering industry. Premiering on Discovery+, this series illuminates the untold narratives of gold

From England to Abitibi: Crafting 'GOLD' with Idris Elba and Films.Solutions

The documentary “GOLD: A Journey with Idris Elba”, commissioned by the World Gold Council, takes viewers on a journey to the heart of lesser-known gold stories, telling a tale of history and storytelling that spans continents, cultures and communities. The film crew from England, led by Pioneer Productions, travelled to many regions and filmed a wide range of stories, including a stop at the LaRonde mine in Canada.

Nestled between Val-D’Or and Rouyn-Noranda, the LaRonde mine, renowned for its technological prowess and ecological sustainability, became the focal point of the Canadian chapter of this global journey. The mine, with its vast tunnels and impressive machinery stretching to a depth of 3.2 km underground, provided a visually and narratively rich backdrop, exploring the stories of safety, camaraderie and technologically impressive operations that define the quality and professionalism of the people who work there.

Films.Solutions, led by Chief Solutions Officer Richard Duquette, played a key role in the logistical planning of this segment of the production. The Films.Solutions team, renowned for its meticulous planning and execution, particularly in remote and challenging locations, ensured that every aspect, from welcoming the foreign production team, international actor Idris Elba to managing the logistics of a large crew and technical equipment, was handled with the utmost precision and efficiency.

The journey into the depths of LaRonde was not just a logistical undertaking, but also a tale of human stories, technological marvels and the relationship between man and the environment. The mine, with its impressive technological advances and rigorous ecological practices, has become a symbol of responsible mining, balancing economic pursuits with environmental care.

Nestled in the lush expanses of Quebec, Parc national D’Aiguebelle, managed by SEPAQ (Société des établissements de plein air du Québec), became the perfect location for part of the shoot. SEPAQ, dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Quebec’s natural treasures, provided a backdrop both magnificent and rich in natural biodiversity for “GOLD: A Journey with Idris Elba”. The park, with its tranquil lakes and diverse landscapes offering unique views of the surrounding area, provided a striking and beautiful contrast to the industrial vigor of the LaRonde mine.

The drone team, with their professional and talented approach, captured breathtaking aerial views, offering a unique visual perspective and to the stories told. Their expertise highlighted Canada’s rugged and awe-inspiring landscapes in all their splendor, adding a stunning visual element to the documentary.

From the initial scouting in the Abitibi region to the final shots in Canada’s challenging and stunning landscapes, Films.Solutions played a vital role in ensuring that the production not only met professional standards, but also captured the authentic and untold stories of people and places. The team’s expertise in managing logistics in remote and inaccessible locations ensured that the production was not only a visual spectacle, but also a true account of the realities, challenges and triumphs of the people involved.

In “GOLD: A Journey with Idris Elba”, every image, every story and every challenge is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the international teams, the meticulous planning of Films.Solutions, and the rich, untold stories that define our relationship with gold. While exploring the many facets of the world of gold, the documentary also highlights the invisible heroes, the behind-the-scenes orchestrators like Films.Solutions, who ensure that stories, even in the most remote and challenging locations, are told, shared and celebrated.

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