B&B of Love

B&B of Love

Who will find love and check in indefinitely?

Single B&B owners open their doors – and hearts – welcoming suitors as they search for a partner to share their life with. Who will check out permanently and who will check in forever for bed, breakfast and beyond…?

B&B of Love is a fresh, original search for love, starring real people who’ve ventured abroad to run a B&B. Now alone in a foreign country, they crave that special someone to share their adventure with. Whilst back in their homeland, hopeful singletons pack their bags and get ready to leave behind friends and family for a shot at love in pastures new.

Over the coming weeks, the B&B owners welcome these excited singletons through the doors of their establishment. As everyone spends time with their host, helping to cook for incoming B&B guests, handling check-ins and doing laundry, they all get a flavour of what it takes to run a busy B&B. In the end, there’s only one vacancy for true love. So, our B&B owners must decide who they want to carry on sharing their life with, but will their chosen love match feel the same and check-in immediately?

B&B Of Love is authentic storytelling at its best with real emotions played out for audiences who will fall head over heels with stunning locations and the interesting, quirky and relatable personalities of our cast. Moreover, they’ll be gripped to discover if Cupid will finally strike – or be sent packing.

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