King of the River

In King of the River (2nd Season), André Paradis, world renowned expert fisherman, shares his passion for Atlantic salmon fly fishing as well as the majestic landscapes at the end of the road of the Gaspe Peninsula, the northern coast and the Lower Saint-Lawrence regions in Quebec.
King of the River - Films.Solutions Case Study


The Director's needs

In King of the River’s highly-anticipated second season, André Paradis, a world-renowned expert fisherman, invites viewers to join him on a journey of discovery as he shares his passion for Atlantic salmon fly fishing. Through his expert guidance, viewers are transported to the majestic landscapes of the Gaspe Peninsula, the northern coast, and the Lower Saint-Lawrence regions in Quebec.

When André approached us, he was on a tight schedule and in need of a full crew solution for a 42-day shoot that would take us on a journey spanning nearly 8,000 km across Eastern Quebec. Knowing that most of the filming locations would be in remote areas, we knew we had to provide specialized equipment and a dedicated crew that could thrive in challenging filming conditions.

We were thrilled at the opportunity to trek through breathtaking wilderness with André and capture the perfect moments of the salmon biting on camera.

Our Solutions
  • Location Scouting – André has been fishing in eastern Quebec for decades and although he had already preselected a number of rivers for his series, we were responsible for locating the ideal filming locations for each site. 
  • VIP Film Solution – We then offered a turn-key vip Film Solution including our Film Crew, Cameras, lenses, grip, unit and light controls along with full equipment insurance.
  • Cinematography -André opted to hire Richard Duquette as his Director of Photography.
  • Fixers – Food and Transportation Our fixers took the initiative to prepare meals for cast and crew and we were in charge of transporting the equipment to and from each remote location.
  • Product placement – The series were sponsored by BRP and André was contractually obligated to show the sponsor’s brand in each episode. We were responsible for making sure the placement was natural and non-invasive.
King of the River Film Gallery

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