Get a glimpse of the making of the Bailey's Liquor TV commercial with behind-the-scenes photos from the Films.Solutions team

Baileys Irish Cream

Baileys Irish Cream TV commercials

Advertising creation for one of the most popular drinks.

Films.Solutions was asked to produce a TV advertising for a local TV station in Quebec for a contest by the popular alcohol brand, Baileys Irish Cream. Our team was responsible for providing the location, equipment, and casting for the commercial. We chose to film the commercial in the heart of downtown Montreal, in a luxurious apartment on the rooftop. The location offered a stunning view of the city, making it the perfect setting for the commercial.

One of the key elements of the commercial was the simulation of a snowfall. Our team worked tirelessly to create a realistic and magical snowfall effect, which added to the ambiance of the commercial. The commercial features a group of friends gathered around a table, enjoying a warm drink made with Baileys Irish Cream. The snowfall in the background creates a festive and cozy atmosphere, which perfectly captures the spirit of the brand.

The casting for the commercial was done very carefully to ensure that the actors chosen were perfect for the roles. The cast was made up of a diverse group of people, each bringing their own unique energy to the commercial. Their performances were nothing short of outstanding, and they were able to perfectly convey the feeling of warmth and joy that Baileys Irish Cream represents.

We provided all the necessary equipment, from cameras to lighting, to ensure that the commercial was filmed to the highest standard. We also had a team of experienced technicians who were accustomed to filming in this location, which helped to ensure that the commercial was filmed smoothly and efficiently.

The TV ad was a great success

Although we were responsible for all aspects of the production, except for the post-production, we were able to deliver a high-quality commercial that exceeded the client’s expectations. The Baileys Irish Cream TV commercial that we produced was a huge success and helped to increase brand awareness and sales. The commercial received positive feedback and was highly praised for its stunning location, realistic snowfall effect, and excellent performances by the cast. We are proud of our work on this project and look forward to working on more exciting projects in the future.

See the behind-the-scenes action of the Bailey's Liquor TV commercial shoot with exclusive photos from Films.Solutions

Photo's of the production

The Final Result

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