The show highlights the spectacular landscape of Canada during the winter.

The Great Trails Season One, The Province of Quebec

“The Great Trails : All Around Québec” is a TV series dedicated to the discovery of Quebec’s regions through the exploration of their great walking trails and green spaces. Each episode will present a tourist profile of the region, with an emphasis on the outdoors and the reasons why vacationers visit the region. Discover the beauty and diversity of Quebec's regions with "The Great Trails: All Around Quebec". Join explorer Charlem as he treks through the province's stunning green spaces and walking trails, showcasing the unique qualities that make each region a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts. With breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and unparalleled hospitality, "The Great Trails" will inspire you to pack your bags and hit the road.
The Great Trails season 01 - Films.Solutions Case study

Discover the Beauty of Quebec's Trails and Regions with The Great Trails TV Show

The Great Trails: All Around Quebec” is a groundbreaking TV series that takes viewers on a journey through the diverse regions of Quebec. Hosted by the fearless explorer and multi-talented artist Charlem, this show is an exploration of the great walking trails and green spaces that make Quebec one of the most sought-after destinations for outdoor enthusiasts.

Over the course of 10,000 km of driving, Charlem takes viewers on a journey through the stunning landscapes of Quebec, from the rolling hills of the Eastern Townships to the rugged mountains of the Charlevoix region. Each episode features a unique tourist profile of the region, showcasing the reasons why vacationers visit and why they keep coming back.

As Charlem walks the trails and explores the natural wonders of Quebec, he shares his passion for the outdoors, as well as his love for painting and sculpture. And with the expertise of renowned filmmaker Richard Duquette, viewers are treated to breathtaking visuals that showcase the beauty of Quebec in a whole new light.

Throughout the series, Charlem discovers hidden gems and unspoiled natural wonders, including the breathtaking cliffs of Percé Rock, the majestic Gaspé Peninsula, and the stunning Saguenay Fjord, where he meets local residents and learns about their unique cultural traditions.

With over 20 years of expertise in film production, Forge Films, the sister company of Films.Solutions, knows how to create TV shows that captivate and entertain viewers. And “The Great Trails: All Around Quebec” is no exception. This series was broadcasted on UnisTV, a French broadcaster in Canada, and was well-received all around the country. It’s a testament to the power of film and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

In conclusion, “The Great Trails: All Around Quebec” is a must-watch TV series for anyone who loves the great outdoors, Quebec, and storytelling at its finest. Charlem’s infectious energy, combined with the stunning visuals, make this show a thrilling and unforgettable journey through one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces.

The Great Trails, season 01 - Province of Quebec, Photo Gallery

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