The critically acclaimed short film, DedSpell, was brought to life with the help of Films.Solutions - a film production services company in Quebec, Canada. Our team served as producers and provided top-of-the-line equipment rental for the shoot, directed by the talented Jack Hackel.


"Dedspell" is a black comedy about a longtime married couple who absolutely detest each other - yet - are obliged to live together out of dire necessity.


A story about relationships, board games and murder.

“Dedspell” is a black comedy about a longtime married couple who absolutely detest each other – yet – are obliged to live together out of dire necessity. The film takes place on a hot and humid Sunday afternoon during which our not-so-loving couple, plays a game of Scrabble in the sweltering heat of their rundown 9th floor ghetto apartment. Things begin to heat up between our protagonists as the mercury rises, and the tattered air conditioner wheezes in and out of operation making matters worse.

The film is a parody on long-term relationships, based on that old adage: “familiarity breeds contempt”. This concept is taken to the extreme as this droll film explores the darker side of human relations. It will undoubtedly strike a familiar chord with anyone who has ever posed the rhetorical question: “What am I doing with this idiot?” The principal characters Harden and Selma are quite repulsive, yet at the same time, strangely compelling. We’d really like to completely dislike them, yet …

DedSpell was a huge success on the international film festival circuit, premiering at the Cannes Film Festival in France. The film's stunning visuals were made possible with the help of Films.Solutions' top-quality camera equipment.
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