Citizen Detective

"True Crime Story: Citizen Detective," a riveting docu-series that delves into the intricate webs of unsolved mysteries and the dedicated citizen detectives seeking the truth, is brought to audiences by Sundance Now, AMC+, and SundanceTV.

True Crime Story : Citizen Detective

Embarking on a journey through the dark echoes of a decades-old mystery, the American crew of “True Crime Story: Citizen Detective” found themselves swept up in the mystery of a tragedy that occurred in 1978, in the contrasting yet peaceful landscapes of Canada. Films.Solutions, with Richard Duquette at the helm, facilitated the complex logistics of producing the episode set between Montreal and Sherbrooke, each location telling its own element of this sad story.

Upon arrival at the Montreal airport, the U.S. team was greeted by Richard, who ensured that all logistical details were meticulously taken care of from the outset. His role extended beyond mere accompaniment; Richard and the Films.Solutions team became the vital link that put the team in touch with the places, stories and individuals that would become an integral part of Episode 4.

In Montreal, the team, assisted by a sound recordist supplied by Films.Solutions, conducted a deeply moving interview with John’s brother in the setting of a strategically chosen hotel, the view of which silently observed the heartfelt and painful memories being shared. The brother, attached to the memories of his sister, whose life tragically ended in 1979, shared the tale filled with hard-hitting and still unanswered questions, and a justice that remains out of reach to this day.

The story then moved to Sherbrooke, where the team explored the places that silently witnessed the tragic events of the past. The place where the body was discovered, the town that harbored the secrets of the crime, and the people who became embroiled in the story, were all filmed through the lens of the American team, with the support and expertise of Films.Solutions, who ensured that every moment was captured with precision and respect.

The aerial shots, taken with the aid of drones, offered a sweeping view of the landscape, juxtaposing the beauty of the locations with the dark, unsettling mystery they conceal. Interviews with citizen detectives, whose lives are inextricably linked to the case, added depth and complexity to the narrative, inviting viewers to engage with the myriad questions, theories and searches for truth that have endured for decades.

As the American team navigated the places where history was written, Films.Solutions ensured that every logistical detail was taken care of, from facilitating interviews to managing locations, making sure that every aspect of the production ran smoothly. Their expertise enabled the team to dive deep into history, capturing the images, voices and silent echoes of the past with authenticity and respect.

As the U.S. team departed, Richard and his team ensured that their return to the Montreal airport, and thereafter, their return home went as smoothly as the time they spent filming in the Montreal and Sherbrooke area. The episode, enriched by the places, people and mysteries it explores, came to life thanks to the American team, aided and abetted by the expertise and support of Films.Solutions.

“True Crime Story: Citizen Detective,” a riveting docu-series that delves into the intricate webs of unsolved mysteries and the dedicated citizen detectives seeking the truth, is brought to audiences by Sundance Now, AMC+, and SundanceTV. The series, produced by the esteemed AMC Networks, is set to premiere on Thursday, October 12, and promises to immerse viewers into the depths of real-life mysteries, exploring the tenacity, passion, and pursuit of justice that drives citizen detectives to delve into cold cases. The series, while unraveling the threads of each case, also provides a poignant look into the impact these unsolved mysteries have on the families and individuals left in their wake, offering a compelling and emotionally charged viewing experience

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