Behind the Scenes with Films.Solutions on “Race Across the World 3”

Embark on a never-before-seen journey with Films.Solutions, a vibrant and compelling story of "Race Across the World 3". From the bustling streets of Quebec City to the serene landscapes of Nova Scotia, immerse yourself in a world where every emotion, triumph and obstacle is authentically captured and told. Take on unexpected challenges, celebrate never-before-seen moments and explore the inner workings of a team that keeps stories flowing in the hearts and on the screens of viewers around the world. Join us in the never-before-seen chapter of a race that has captivated the world.

Racing Through Uncharted Paths

Nestled in the heart of Quebec City is the stunning Hotel Diamant, and it’s here that our story unfolds – an essential invisible story, silent but important. It’s not the story of the participants who cross Canada from one end to the other, but of the unsung heroes who ensured that every emotion, every challenge, was authentically captured and transmitted to audiences around the world. Welcome behind the scenes of “Race Across the World 3”, where the Films.Solutions team, led by Richard Duquette, played a crucial role in orchestrating the flawless running of stages 6 and 7 for the participants and the production team from England.

Quebec City, with its rich cultural history and natural beauty, became more than a checkpoint for the participants; it became a vibrant stage where every emotion and adventure was experienced and captured. Richard and Emilie from Films.Solutions became essential to the production, ensuring that every aspect of the production ran smoothly, from location scouting and restaurant recommendations to facilitating medical assistance for a participant, while maintaining confidentiality and guaranteeing the integrity of the production.

As participants roamed the beautiful streets of Quebec City’s old town, absorbing the cultural richness and embarking on adventures, the Films.Solutions team ensured that the production team, based at the Hotel Diamant, had everything they needed, 24/7. Whether it was ensuring the availability of resources or dealing with the unexpected, the team was there to make sure the show went off without a hitch.

The adventure was not without its challenges, however. A day after the main production team left Quebec City, Richard received an urgent call: a member of the chase team, tasked with taking additional footage along the participants’ route, had fallen ill with suspected COVID-19. Adapting quickly, Richard met with the cinematographer in Montreal, guided him to the optimal shooting locations and ensured that the rest of the trip to Nova Scotia could proceed smoothly and, of course, efficiently. The ill crew member, traveling alone in a separate vehicle, was safely isolated, avoiding any risk of contamination for the crew or the communities they came into contact with.

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