Shaping ‘A Brief History of The Future’

Tasked by UNTOLD, Films.Solutions leveraged its deep knowledge and logistical prowess to ensure the crew's needs were met, from securing snowmobiles for transportation to arranging accommodations. This segment of the blog will reveal how we overcame environmental hurdles and facilitated crucial interviews with local Indigenous leaders

Crafting Tomorrow: Films.Solutions' Role in 'A Brief History of The Future

This blog post explores Films.Solutions’ role in supporting UNTOLD during the production of “A Brief History of The Future” in Labrador. Hired as the local film production services company, we navigated the unique challenges of the Canadian landscape to ensure the project’s success. Here, we’ll share insights into the logistical intricacies, the collaboration with local experts, and how our team contributed to the documentary’s impactful storytelling. This behind-the-scenes look aims to highlight our dedication to facilitating high-caliber film productions across Canada.

Navigating the North

At Films.Solutions, working on “A Brief History of The Future” in Labrador was a unique blend of adventure and meticulous planning. With our extensive experience navigating Canada’s remote locations, we utilized our connections within First Nation communities to enhance our journey. These partnerships were pivotal, offering us insights and resources that only locals could. We ensured the film crew was well-equipped for the environment, from safety gear like first aid kits and bear spray to emergency planning for quick evacuations. Our collaboration with the local communities, especially in Goose Bay and Sheshatshiu, wasn’t just about logistics; it was about building relationships and respecting the deep-rooted connection they have with the land. This project highlighted our adaptability and commitment to delivering exceptional film production support across Canada, showcasing our ability to merge technical expertise with meaningful local collaboration.

Collaborating with Local Leaders

In Labrador, our journey to film “A Brief History of The Future” was significantly enhanced by the invaluable collaborations we forged with local leaders. Jack P. became a crucial ally, bridging us with the vibrant Innu community, where trust and friendship far outweigh mere business dealings. Our rapport with the Innu National Park’s directorate and the guardians of the land grew from our repeated engagements, deepening our understanding and respect for this territory.

Goose Bay, with its North American town vibe and military history, offered a contrast to the wilderness, yet it was in this setting, at a Tim Horton’s next to a bustling snowmobile trail, that we met Valérie Courtois. An Innu originally from Québec, Valérie brought a wealth of knowledge about the region, its customs, and the network of snowmobile trails that become lifelines in the winter months. Her global perspective, enriched by her travels and speaking engagements, added depth to the project.

This collaboration was a meeting of worlds – the local communities’ intimate knowledge of the land with Films.Solutions’ expertise in film and TV production. It was this synergy that facilitated an efficient, enriching experience for us and a memorable stay in Labrador for our guests from Untold Production, ensuring the project’s success and forging lasting bonds.

On-Set Obstacles : Solved

Adapting to Flight Setbacks

When the Untold crew faced a 12-hour flight delay to Goose Bay due to a snowstorm, the Films.Solutions team, already on the ground and prepared, swiftly reorganized the shoot schedule to salvage the production day. By focusing on activities and shoots within close proximity to Goose Bay and Sheshatshiu that didn’t require extensive travel, we optimized the time available. Our proactive approach and production acumen ensured that not a moment of the tightly scheduled shoot was wasted, demonstrating our ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to unforeseen challenges.

Gear Gone, Spirit Strong: Equipping a Film Crew in the Cold

When the Untold crew’s winter gear was lost due to a flight delay, Films.Solutions quickly mobilized to ensure everyone was properly outfitted for the cold Labrador climate. Our familiarity with Goose Bay’s shops, gained from previous visits, allowed us to efficiently find and purchase the necessary winter clothing. This situation underscored the importance of not just technical film expertise, but also local knowledge and the ability to swiftly navigate unforeseen challenges. Our action ensured the crew could continue their work in comfort, showcasing our adaptability and dedication to project success.

Diverse Diets: Meeting Vegan Needs in Goose Bay

Addressing the dietary preferences of a vegan crew member in Goose Bay presented a unique challenge due to the limited availability of vegan options. To ensure everyone was well-fed, we creatively collaborated with a local restaurant. By sourcing various vegan ingredients from a grocery store and engaging with a chef skilled in Indian cuisine, renowned for its vegan dishes, we managed to prepare special vegan meals. This effort not only satisfied our vegan crew members but also added a delightful variety to our meal options, complementing the Innu traditional meat stew enjoyed by the rest of the team.

ATA Carnet

Handling ATA Carnet customs for our equipment in Goose Bay meant careful planning due to the local customs office’s limited hours and location away from the airport. The ATA Carnet, a crucial document for temporarily importing equipment without tax or duty, required validation by customs agents. Our prior meeting with these agents facilitated a smoother process, proving invaluable when we were pressed for time on the final shoot day. This incident underscores the importance of direct engagement and the cooperative spirit of Canadian officials, ensuring the Untold team’s timely departure and highlighting Films.Solutions’ commitment to meticulous logistical preparation.

Logistical Magic in the Snow

During the Labrador shoot for “A Brief History of The Future,” Films.Solutions faced a unique challenge due to milder than expected temperatures, putting the ice crossings necessary for our journey to the log cabin at potential risk. This situation highlighted the critical role of our collaboration with the Innu people, whose expertise in navigating their ancestral lands proved invaluable. They expertly guided our convoy of 12 snowmobiles, each driven by an Innu driver, across a 15km stretch of ice, ensuring the safe transport of our crew and extensive equipment.

In preparation for the shoot, our team undertook meticulous planning to ensure everything was set for the arrival of the UNTOLD crew. This included not only scouting the location and confirming safety measures but also organizing the logistics of transporting the crew, which for many, would be their first experience on a snowmobile. Our fleet of five large 4X4 pickup trucks was essential for moving people and gear through snow-covered roads, emphasizing the need for vehicles equipped with efficient winter tires to handle rapidly changing weather conditions.

With every logistical detail carefully managed, from the safe ice crossing to the strategic transport of equipment and personnel, the UNTOLD team was free to focus on their primary mission: filming a compelling documentary series. This seamless behind-the-scenes orchestration by Films.Solutions allowed the filmmakers to capture the essence of their story without the distractions of the challenging environment, ensuring the project’s success and highlighting our ability to facilitate exceptional documentary production in even the most remote and demanding locations.

Reflecting on the journey in Labrador, the enduring friendships and partnerships formed with both the UNTOLD production team and the local communities stand out as the heart of this project. These relationships, forged in the shared pursuit of storytelling, underscore the spirit of collaboration that Films.Solutions champions. Our role in the documentary’s success exemplifies our commitment to overcoming logistical challenges and our dedication to meaningful engagement with local cultures and histories. Looking ahead, the experience in Labrador has enriched Films.Solutions’ tapestry of capabilities, setting the stage for future endeavors. “A Brief History of The Future” not only marks a milestone in our portfolio but also serves as a beacon for future projects that aim to blend innovative filmmaking with impactful narratives. The documentary’s legacy, and our part in it, inspires us to continue exploring, learning, and connecting, ever eager to contribute to stories that resonate deeply and foster a better understanding of our world.

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