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Capture Smooth Cinematics: STEADICAM Archer 2 Kit Rentals at Films.Solutions

Elevate your production's value with the STEADICAM Archer 2, now equipped with the revolutionary Volt module for unrivaled stability and control. Available for rent at Films.Solutions, this setup promises to deliver the smoothest footage for filmmakers who demand precision and reliability. Secure the Archer 2 and experience the blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

Important Notice for Renters:

– All our camera packages are available for both Canadian and international producers. For international shoots, camera packages travel exclusively with the LEXLUX team, ensuring top-notch equipment and expertise wherever your project takes you.

– When you rent our camera packages, please note that each package comes with a dedicated technician, camera operator, or Director of Photography (DOP). These professionals will be added to your production’s payroll. We base our technician pricing on industry standard rates, ensuring you receive top-tier expertise without any hidden costs. Our commitment is to provide you with the best equipment and support, ensuring the highest quality for your projects.

– Proof of insurance is required for rentals, or alternatively, we can provide rental insurance for the duration of the period.

– If you find a lower price for the identical equipment package from an official rental company in Canada, present us with their quote and we will match the price.

Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars (CAD), taxes will be applied where applicable


Steadicam Archer 2: Fluid Precision at $850/Day

Important: Steadicam rentals at Films.Solutions come exclusively with a professional operator.

The Steadicam Archer 2 with the Volt module is an advanced camera stabilization system that offers a range of features catering to professional filmmaking needs. Here is a list of its key characteristics:

  • Camera Weight Capacity: The Archer 2 system can handle camera setups weighing from 12 to 32 pounds, offering versatility for a wide range of cameras and accessories.

  • Volt Module Integration: The Volt module adds electronic stabilization to the mechanical system, providing even smoother shots and greater control, especially in dynamic shooting scenarios.

  • Adjustable Iso-Elastic Arm: The Archer 2’s iso-elastic arm is designed with adjustable lift and inertia, allowing it to provide steady support and isolation from body movements.

  • Precision Gimbals: With high-precision gimbals, operators can achieve fluid movement and precise framing, essential for capturing professional-grade footage.

  • Tool-Free Adjustments: The system allows for quick and tool-free adjustments, which is critical for fast-paced shooting environments where time is of the essence.

  • Carbon Fiber Construction: The lightweight yet durable carbon fiber construction of the sled ensures ease of use during extended shooting periods without compromising on strength.

  • Advanced Monitoring Options: The Archer 2 comes with a high-quality monitor mount for optimal viewing, aiding in accurate shot composition and focus.

  • Modular Design for Accessories: It has a modular design that supports a variety of mounting options for accessories such as batteries, recorders, and wireless receivers.

  • Ergonomic Vest Design: The vest is ergonomically designed for comfort and support, distributing the weight of the system evenly to reduce operator fatigue.

  • Dynamic Balance System: The dynamic balance system allows for fine-tuning the sled’s balance, accommodating different lenses and camera configurations with ease.

  • Transport Convenience: The Archer 2 is designed with transportability in mind, featuring a collapsible design for compact storage and ease of travel between locations.

  • Comprehensive Docking Bracket: A secure docking bracket system enables quick mounting and dismounting of the sled, facilitating efficient transitions between shots.

These features make the Steadicam Archer 2 with Volt module a robust choice for filmmakers looking to achieve the highest quality stable footage across a variety of shooting conditions.

STEADICAM Archer 2 Kit  
  Steadicam Archer 2 Sled
  Volt Module
  Volt Docking Bracket
  Volt Cables
  Volt Rain Cover
  G-50X Arm
  G-50x Arm Rain Cover
  Innovativ Docking Stand
  Innovativ 8” Wheel Set
  Innovativ Tool Box
  Goldmount to V-Mount Adapter Plate

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