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SONY FX3 Solo Shooter Kit

With a compact design for solo shooters, for travel applications, and to serve as an ideal B cam, the Sony FX3 borrows from both the Cinema Line and Alpha series of cameras to create an optimized portable cinema camera. The FX3 features all the imaging attributes you'd expect from this class but sports a new lightweight, handheld form with a streamlined profile and a "cage-free" design offering the ability to secure various accessories directly to the camera body.

Important Notice for Renters:

– All our camera packages are available for both Canadian and international producers. For international shoots, camera packages travel exclusively with the LEXLUX team, ensuring top-notch equipment and expertise wherever your project takes you.

– When you rent our camera packages, please note that each package comes with a dedicated technician, camera operator, or Director of Photography (DOP). These professionals will be added to your production’s payroll. We base our technician pricing on industry standard rates, ensuring you receive top-tier expertise without any hidden costs. Our commitment is to provide you with the best equipment and support, ensuring the highest quality for your projects.

– Proof of insurance is required for rentals, or alternatively, we can provide rental insurance for the duration of the period.

– If you find a lower price for the identical equipment package from an official rental company in Canada, present us with their quote and we will match the price.

Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars (CAD), taxes will be applied where applicable


Maximize your shoot with this versatile gem, perfect as a primary or B-cam, at $900/week. $2900/Month

SONY FX3 Kit Sony FX3 Camera Body
Sony Audio Handle XLR-H1
Sony ECM-VG1 Microphone
Tilta Cage for FX3
DZO PL to E Mount
Sony 24-70mm G OSS T2.8 (e-mount)
160go Tough CF Card
80go Tough CF Card
CF Card Reader
USB-C to USB-C 12” Cable
NP-F100Z Batteries
Ronin RS2 Pro Combo (Raven Eye + AF Motor)

ARRI MINI LF Cine Package

Step into a new realm of filmmaking with the ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Complete Package, tailored for creators who demand excellence at every stage of production. This package, available exclusively for rent at Films.Solutions, is meticulously curated to ensure you

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IRIX Spherical Primes FF

Discover the unparalleled prowess of the Irix Spherical Primes FF lens kit. Meticulously designed for filmmakers, this set promises consistent, top-notch visuals across all shots. From extreme landscapes to detailed close-ups, these lenses excel in every scenario. Weather-sealed, UV-reactive markings,

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LAOWA Proteus Anamorphics

The Laowa Proteus 2X Anamorphic Lens Series, available at Films.Solutions, encapsulates a groundbreaking fusion of design and performance. Comprising four distinct lenses tailored for Super 35 sensors, each lens boasts a consistent 2X squeeze ratio, delivering that iconic widescreen cinematic

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