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ARRI MINI LF Cine Package

Step into a new realm of filmmaking with the ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Complete Package, tailored for creators who demand excellence at every stage of production. This package, available exclusively for rent at Films.Solutions, is meticulously curated to ensure you have the tools you need to bring your cinematic vision to life. At the heart of this package is the ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Camera, a marvel of large-format 4K cinematography, offering native 4K recording in three sensor modes. Its prowess in capturing vivid, nuanced imagery with natural skin tones and smooth bokeh sets the foundation for a visual narrative that captivates and resonates. Supporting this cinematic beast is a robust tripod, ensuring stability and precision in every frame. The included 4X5.6 filters and Mattebox are your guardians against unwanted reflections and light anomalies, ensuring your imagery remains pristine and true to your vision.

Important Notice for Renters:

– All our camera packages are available for both Canadian and international producers. For international shoots, camera packages travel exclusively with the LEXLUX team, ensuring top-notch equipment and expertise wherever your project takes you.

– When you rent our camera packages, please note that each package comes with a dedicated technician, camera operator, or Director of Photography (DOP). These professionals will be added to your production’s payroll. We base our technician pricing on industry standard rates, ensuring you receive top-tier expertise without any hidden costs. Our commitment is to provide you with the best equipment and support, ensuring the highest quality for your projects.

– Proof of insurance is required for rentals, or alternatively, we can provide rental insurance for the duration of the period.

– If you find a lower price for the identical equipment package from an official rental company in Canada, present us with their quote and we will match the price.

Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars (CAD), taxes will be applied where applicable


ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Full Package: Cinematic Excellence at $5000/week


  ALEXA Mini LF MVF-2 Set
  ARRI PL-to-LPL Adapter
  Cable VF 20”
  Cable VF 14”
  Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-3
  Mini Side Bracket MSB-3
  Mini Side Bracket MSB-2
  Bottom Dovetail Plate 300mm/12in
  RAB-1 Clamp 2
  15mm Reduction Insert
  Camera Power Cable Straight 2m/6.6in KC-50
  Center Camera Handle CCH-2
  Arri Handle Extension HEX-2
  Arri Handle Extension HEX-3
  Rear Accessory Bracket RAB-1
  Mini Adapter Plate MAP-2A
  Mini Viewfinder Bracket MVB-1
  Arri Eyepiece Leveler EL-3
  Arri Viewfinder Extension Bracket
  Compact Bridge Plate CBP-1 19mm
  Compact Bridge Plate CBP-2 15mm
  15mm LWS Adapter for CBP
  Bridge Plate BP-8
  Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-4
  Viewfinder Extension Vracket VEB-3
  Mini LF Side Plate (Electric blue)
  Mini LF Side Rib (Orange)
  Goldmount Power Splitting Box MkIl
  15mm Support for Goldmount Splitting
  CODEX Compact Drive 1TB (CA08-1024)
  CODEX Compact Drive Case
  CODEX Compact Drive Reader (USB-C)
  Lemo 6-pin to Lemo 5-pin
  Lemo 5-pin to 3.5 Jack
  Lemo 10-pin to Ethernet
  USB 3 to USB-C
  USB-C to USB-C
POWER – LID ORGANIZER Lemo 8-Pin to P-Tap Hotswap Cable
  Lemo 8-Pin to XLR4 Hotswap Cable
  Lemo 2-pin to Lemo 2-pin
  D-Tap to USB-C 65W
  D-Tap to D-Tap Splitter Kondor Blue
  36” BNC ZILR 12G SDI
  18” Coiled BNC Shape 6G
  36” Coiled BNC Shape 6G
  12” BNC
  10” BNC
  8” BNC
  LPL Mount Cap
  LPL Rear Cap
  PL Mount Cap
  PL Rear Cap
  USB Stick for Alexa Mini LF
  Wifi Antenna
  Arri Lens Support LS-9
  18” 19mm Steel Rods
  8” 19mm Steel Rods
  6” 19mm Steel Rods
  12” 15mm Steel Rods
  8” 15mm Steel Rods
  Custom Cut Alexa Mini LF Jason Pelican Case
  Silica Gel Pods
  WoodenCamera Broom Handle 3/8’’
  #3 Allen Screwdriver
TERADEK 1500 4K BOLT PRO (2:1) KIT  
  Transmitter Module (w/goldmount plate)
  Receiver Module (w/goldmount plate)
  2 Pin to D-Tap 
  2 Pin Lemo to 2 Pin
  AC Adapter
  RX Antenna
  TX Antenna
  Husky Acces. Pouch
  TX Mounting Bracket
  Small Rig Articulated Monitor Arm
  Ballhead to Arri Locating Pin
  Teradek Bolt Pelican Case
  TX Velcro Plate
O’CONNOR 1030S Fluid Head Kit  
  1030S Head
  Left Side Adjustable Pan Handle Shape
  Telescopic Pan Handle
  Mini Touch’n’go Plate
  Wooden Camera / O’Connor to Arri Rosette Ad.
  O’Connor Eye Level Bracket
  Matthew Cardalock
  Arri Metal Travel Case
GFM Legs Kit  
  Tall (HD MItchell Standard)
  Baby (Mitchell Standard)
  Hi-Hat (Mitchell Standard)
  Tilta Nucleus M Remote
  FIZ Unit Monitor Bracket
  Left Side Wooden Handle
  Clear Focus Rings
  Tilta Nucleus M Motor
  Double 1/4” to 15mm WLC-T03MA
  8-Pin to D-Tap 
  8-Pinto 8-Pin
  8-Pin to 2-Pin
  18650 Battery Charger 
  18650 Battery
  Battery Charger Cable
  XL 0.8 Pitch Focus Wheel
BRIGHT TANGERINE MISFIT 360 MATTEBOX KIT   3 x 4 x 5.65 Rotating Stage Matte Box
    4 x 5.65 Tray 
    One-Tray Module
    Top Flag
    Side Flags
    French Flag
    Matte Kit
    Swing Away Module
    Tilt Module
    15mm Bracket
    19mm Bracket
    62-143mm ø Blackhole V2 w/ Diopter Tray
    80mm ø Clamp Adapter
    87mm ø Clamp Adapter
    95mm ø Clamp Adapter
    110mm ø Clamp Adapter
    114mm ø Clamp Adapter
    136mm ø Clamp Adapter
    143mm ø Clamp Adapter
    80mm ø Threaded Adapter
    87mm ø Threaded Adapter
    95mm ø Threaded Adapter
    1550 Pelican Case
FILTER KIT (4×5.65)  
  Soft Grad ND 0.3 (Tiffen)
  Soft Grad ND 0.6 (Tiffen)
  Soft Grad ND 0.9 (Tiffen)
  Soft Grad ND 0.3 (Formatt HiTech)
  Soft Grad ND 0.6 (Formatt HiTech)
  Soft Grad ND 0.9 (Formatt HiTech)
  Hard Grad ND 0.9 Vertical
  Arri FSND 0.3
  IRND 1.5 Tokina
  IRND 1.8 Tokina
  IRND 2.1 Tokina
  Hollywood Black Magic 1/4 (modified)

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