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LAOWA Proteus Anamorphics

The Laowa Proteus 2X Anamorphic Lens Series, available at Films.Solutions, encapsulates a groundbreaking fusion of design and performance. Comprising four distinct lenses tailored for Super 35 sensors, each lens boasts a consistent 2X squeeze ratio, delivering that iconic widescreen cinematic flair. With a universal T2 aperture, these lenses effortlessly capture visuals ranging from intimate close-ups to sprawling landscapes, all while maintaining immaculate sharpness and vibrant hues. The series' elliptical bokeh, signature flares, and robust construction make them invaluable assets for any production. Having been integral to numerous Films.Solutions projects, the Proteus series stands as a testament to our dedication to cinematic excellence and quality.

Important Notice for Renters:

– All our camera packages are available for both Canadian and international producers. For international shoots, camera packages travel exclusively with the LEXLUX team, ensuring top-notch equipment and expertise wherever your project takes you.

– When you rent our camera packages, please note that each package comes with a dedicated technician, camera operator, or Director of Photography (DOP). These professionals will be added to your production’s payroll. We base our technician pricing on industry standard rates, ensuring you receive top-tier expertise without any hidden costs. Our commitment is to provide you with the best equipment and support, ensuring the highest quality for your projects.

– Proof of insurance is required for rentals, or alternatively, we can provide rental insurance for the duration of the period.

– If you find a lower price for the identical equipment package from an official rental company in Canada, present us with their quote and we will match the price.

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Laowa Proteus 2X Series: Premium Anamorphic Brilliance at $1200/week.

The Laowa Proteus 2X Anamorphic Series stands as the pinnacle of modern cinematographic technology, tailored exclusively for Super 35 sensors. These lenses are designed to deliver the classic widescreen anamorphic cinematic experience, combined with the technical excellence of today’s optics.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Focal Lengths: The series boasts 4 distinct focal lengths ensuring you have the right lens for every shot.
  2. Universal T2 Aperture: Every lens in this series offers a consistent T2 aperture, ensuring brilliant image quality across the board.
  3. Classic Anamorphic Look: Expect signature flares, elliptical bokeh, and other classic anamorphic characteristics.
  4. Close-Up Capabilities: A minimum focus distance of just 1.8′ (55cm) lets you get up close and personal with your subject.
  5. Robust Design: A front anamorphic design ensures sturdy optical composition, delivering sharp images that still retain a vintage anamorphic charm.
  6. No Anamorphic Mumps: Regardless of focus distance, the 2X squeeze ratio remains consistent.
  7. Dynamic Iris Range: With an iris ranging from T2 to T22, you’re ready for any lighting condition.
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LAOWA Proteus Silver Flare Anamorphics x2 A-B Set PL Mount
  35mm T2.0
  45mm T2.0
  60mm T2.0
  85mm T2.0

At Films.Solutions, we’ve always chosen equipment that mirrors our commitment to quality and cinematic excellence. Among our favorites is the Laowa Proteus 2X Anamorphic Lens Series. Comprising four distinct lenses, this series has been a crucial part of our toolkit, enhancing numerous films and documentary productions.

Each lens in this series exudes brilliance. The constant 2X squeeze ratio promises that classic widescreen anamorphic cinematic touch. Coupled with the signature flares and elliptical bokeh, the visual output is always mesmerizing. Thanks to the universal T2 aperture, we’ve captured stellar shots in diverse lighting conditions. Its ability to take impressive close-ups with a 55cm minimum focusing distance has proven invaluable, especially when the scene demands both expansive landscapes and intimate frames.

From our experience, when projected, the Proteus lens yields incredibly sharp images with remarkable contrast. The hues are vivid, and the bokeh has that distinct painterly touch. Shooting wide open at T2 showcases its sharpness, especially when recording over 4K. Its vintage character is undeniable, and the unique amber coating becomes evident in the delightful flares it produces.

Its robust construction ensures longevity, and the seamless transition of its focus and aperture rings makes it a joy to work with. One particular feature we’ve found especially useful is its ability to shoot an entire music promo with just 45mm, capturing detailed close-ups without the need for diopters.

At Films.Solutions, we believe in delivering perfection with every frame. The Laowa Proteus 2X Anamorphic Lens Series stands as a testament to that belief, consistently aiding us in our quest to produce cinematic magic.

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