Behind the Scenes with Films.Solutions on “Race Across the World 3”

Embark on a never-before-seen journey with Films.Solutions, a vibrant and compelling story of “Race Across the World 3”. From the bustling streets of Quebec City to the serene landscapes of Nova Scotia, immerse yourself in a world where every emotion, triumph and obstacle is authentically captured and told. Take on unexpected challenges, celebrate never-before-seen moments and explore the inner workings of a team that keeps stories flowing in the hearts and on the screens of viewers around the world. Join us in the never-before-seen chapter of a race that has captivated the world.

Citizen Detective

“True Crime Story: Citizen Detective,” a riveting docu-series that delves into the intricate webs of unsolved mysteries and the dedicated citizen detectives seeking the truth, is brought to audiences by Sundance Now, AMC+, and SundanceTV.

Crafting ‘GOLD’ with Idris Elba

“Gold: A Journey with Idris Elba,” narrated by the charismatic Idris Elba, embarks on a global journey, exploring the multifaceted world of gold mining and its profound impacts. From the depths of LaRonde mine in Canada to various locations worldwide, the documentary unveils the intricate processes, challenges, and stories enveloped in the pursuit of gold. It’s a tale where technology, humanity, and ethics intertwine, revealing the unseen facets of a glittering industry. Premiering on Discovery+, this series illuminates the untold narratives of gold

Ubisoft FarCry 6

The Canadien Film Fixer - French production for Ubisof FarCray 6 video game - filmed in Toronto with the team of Films.Solutions the director and journalist of France we can complete with success their documentary

FarCry 6 FarCry 6 the Documentary Far Cry 6 is a FPS set on the fictional tropical island of Yara. You play as Dani Rojas, a member of the local guerrilla who is fighting against the oppressive regime of the country’s dictator, Anton Castillo, who is preparing his son to take over. To help you […]

U2 Experience + Innoncence tour 2018 

The Experience + Innocence Tour (styled as eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour) was a worldwide concert tour by rock band U2. Staged in support of the band’s 2017 album, Songs of Experience, the tour visited arenas throughout 2018.

Diner à la Ferme au Canada Saison 2

The film was shown during prime time in French-speaking Switzerland and later on the TV5 World tv channel

“Dining at the Farm Canadian Edition “Dîner à la Ferme au Canada” is a Swiss TV Reality show (by RTS) that features a friendly cooking competition between 7 farmers of Swiss Descent. Each farmer is challenged to prepare a three-course meal that honours and celebrates traditional Swiss culinary specialties that will be evaluated by the six other participants. The name of the best host of season 7 will be named during the grand finale show to be held in a traditional Canadian sugar shack.