On our way to the BAIE-JAMES by the BILLY-DIAMOND and the TRANSTAÏGA roads.

Have fun while discovering another region : On our way to the BAIE-JAMES by the BILLY-DIAMOND and the TRANSTAÏGA roads. Discover the Beauty of the Baie-James Region with Our Film Production Services: Embarking on a Journey Along the Billy-Diamond and Transstaïga Roads Every year, our team sets out on a journey to explore new regions […]

The Fixer in cinema: the film has its solution

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What is a Film Fixer? It is a field resource, a facilitator. A fixer masters every stage of a production and his knowledge of the field is exponential. He knows the environment like the back of his hand and is committed to your needs on a technical, technological, budgetary and environmental level. He is also a tireless and curious researcher…

Crime Scene Reenactment

Scenes of investigation, reenactment and action In the world of film production, crime scene reenactments hold a unique place. They require a delicate balance between storytelling, authenticity, and artistic expression. As a leading Film Fixer and Production Management Company in Canada, we have honed our expertise in producing engaging and realistic crime scene reenactments over […]

Filming in the Canadian winter

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Canada is known for its harsh winters, which can present unique challenges for filmmakers. Learn how to prepare for a successful winter shoot, from equipment considerations to safety protocols.