Drone Acronyms and Definitions

These are common expressions and acronyms you’ll find in the Canadian drone industry.  Other words for drones: UAS, RPAS, UAV, MAV, sUAS, quadcopter. The uses of these terms vary depending on the country and application of the unit.

Where can I fly my drone in Canada?

This drone site selection tool by the National Research Council Canada will help you know where you can legally fly. Nav Canada also produces NAV Drone, an app on Android and iOS that displays the same map, with additional details. 

What is the maximum drone flight altitude?

The maximum altitude in Canada is 122 meters (400 feet) above ground level (AGL). If you need to fly above this altitude, you’ll need to apply for an SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate).

Can non-residents fly their drones in Canada?

Yes. Foreign operators can fly drones in Canada. They require an approved SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate) for any purpose (recreation, commercial, research). This is in addition to the drone certification and registration requirements for all operators.