Category: Filming with a drone in Canada

As a Canadian drone pilot, you are required to follow these rules. These are a summary of the most commonly asked questions. 

  1. Age: Drone pilots must be at least 14 years old (basic operations) or 16 years old (advanced operations).
  2. Altitude: Fly below 122 metres (400 feet)
  3. Maintain visual line of sight (VLOS), which means that you must see your drone at all times.
  4. Restricted Areas: Maintain a minimum distance from airports (5.6 kilometres /3 nautical miles) and heliports (1.9 kilometres / 1 nautical mile). This means that many towns are off-limits because of heliports at the local hospital. 
  5. Avoid emergency operations (forest fires) and advertised events (sports, parades, concerts).
  6. Avoid bystanders with minimum horizontal distance. Basic options require 30 metres distance, advanced operation certificates allow less distance.

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