The Power of Sound Recording on Location

The importance of sound in creating an immersive and interesting film is often overlooked. In fact, there are situations in which sound is more crucial than visuals. This blog will discuss the significance of sound in film and the importance of recording it on location.

Filming in Ontario

As a province renowned for its natural beauty and diverse landscapes, it’s no surprise that Ontario has become a hotbed for cinematographic activity.

The Director of Photography

As a cinematographer, the art of capturing light and movement on film is a passion and a science. The role of the DP, or director of photography, is to visually tell the story through the lens of the camera, creating an emotional and immersive experience for the audience.

Safety and Planification First

When shooting in a remote location, what years of experience have taught us. Have a plan in place for emergency evacuation and communication, in case of accidents or injuries.

Imelda the movie, a truly great experience

As the Director of Photography for the short film “Imelda,” it was an incredible experience to work alongside the talented Martin Villeneuve and contribute to bringing his grandmother’s story to life on screen. The film, which follows the larger-than-life character of Imelda as she faces a bucket-list of challenges in the years leading up to her 100th birthday, was based on real events and delves into the ties that bind a family together.

Filming in Yukon Backcountry

The Yukon backcountry is a breathtaking and remote wilderness that attracts many film and documentary crews each year.