What is a Film Fixer

A film fixer, also known as a location fixer, is a person who assists film and television production crews in navigating the logistical and practical challenges of filming in a particular location or region. A fixer is typically a local expert who possesses knowledge of the area, including the culture, customs, and laws, as well […]

Can I rent film equipment in Canada for my production?

Canada boasts numerous equipment rental companies that specifically cater to film and TV productions. At Films.Solutions, we have developed strong relationships with many of these rental companies throughout Canada. This grants us access to a vast selection of high-quality equipment and, most importantly, ensures that we can swiftly obtain replacement parts if needed. We guarantee […]

Do I need insurance to film in Canada?

Yes, you should have liability insurance to cover any damage or injury that may occur during filming. At Films.Solutions, we can provide full coverage for your production in Canada

How can I find local crews and talent for my production in Canada?

Look no further for your film production crew in Canada – Films.Solutions is here to help. We are your go-to source for all your filming needs, including crew, talent, equipment, locations, and more. Trust us to provide the solutions you need to make your production a success.